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Bloomfield Hills Property Management

We're a boutique company in terms of the size of our management portfolio, which then allows for sharpened client service and superior property oversight, all of which leads to higher returns for our clients.

Bloomfield Hills Property Management

We believe in offering a more selective and exclusive management option.

The goal of property management is to control, coordinate and to conduct oversight of a real estate to maximize the interests of the actual owner. The agency will have a sophisticated system in place to oversee critical procedures such as acquisition, utilization, and disposal of the property in question. The delicate nature of this exercise demands that custodians be both competent and accountable. Below is an overview of how a reliable Bloomfield Hills Property Management Services firm can help you get the best out of your investment. Reserve Mgmt is a property management company in Birmingham MI that services the entire Detroit area.

…the agency will have a sophisticated system in place to oversee critical procedures such as acquisition, utilization, and disposal of the property in question.

Screening of Tenants

The joy of any landlord is to work with cooperative tenants who will meet their end of the bargain. A horrible tenant can frustrate your entire plan by

engaging in acts such as defaulting rent remittance, subjecting the property to wear and tear as well as disrupting the peace of other tenants in your establishment.

However, a credible custodian will help you dodge this bullet, by subjecting prospective clients to thorough examinations and background checks to weed out troublesome tenants.

How the sorting exercise works

Any property management agency that is worth your attention will have a dedicated screening procedure in place that works to their client’s satisfaction. Custodians make use of software that sieves through thousands of applications from tenants to unearth interesting information about each applicant. Any info that portrays negative traits of a tenant is quickly highlighted. Granting your custodian this mandate saves you the trouble of having to deal with tenant issues. When it comes to screening, the process needs to be consistent to avoid scams and concerns about tenant discrimination.

Dealing with legal suits and related costs

As a landlord, you need to be cautious about how you deal with volatile tenants or else; you will find yourself facing numerous lawsuits. Take the initiative to continually update your knowledge of the tenant-landlord regulations to minimize the chances of falling victim to lawsuits. Bear in mind that regulations do vary depending from one state to another.

The landlord-tenant law will contain clauses on matters such as tenant screening, how to conduct inspections, eviction notices, lease termination and rent collection. Being in the know of these regulations can save you both time and financial resources spent in courts fending off legal complaints.

Retaining existing tenants

Once you get over the hurdles of undesirable tenants and unsettling lawsuits, the next task becomes finding a way on how to keep your existing tenants. A high turnover rate in the real estate sector poses significant challenges to the custodian. You lose not only rental income but also incur associated costs that might erode the profitability of this venture.

Once a tenant vacates, the property manager has to carry out repairs such as painting, lock and tile replacement as well as advertising to attract another client. However, all this hassle is avoidable by ensuring you attend to your client’s needs to keep them satisfied at all times. Property management services have elaborate retention policies in place to curb high tenant turnover rates.

How to handle rent collection

The issue of rent collection is very sensitive and is often the factor that determines the success or failure of a rental policy. The first step begins by making it clear to your tenants that rent is due on a specific date of the month. Fulfilling the obligation of rent payment on time ensure you have consistent cash flow in your account. Luckily, our property management agency in Bloomfield, MI is one of the best in business. We track rent remittance, handle late payments as well as evict uncooperative individuals on your behalf.

Conducting regular maintenance

The best way to preserve the value of your existing investments is by performing routine maintenance to fix wear and tear. Tenants are happier if they believe that their custodians are mindful of their safety and comfort. A suitable agency will have a team of contractors and technicians at their disposal to respond to any calls for an in-house repair or upgrade. Having your asset manager handle maintenance on your behalf is cheaper than conducting the entire repair on your own. You save both time and money that is spent vetting and hiring contractors.

Managing your tax deductibles

Another merit of engaging an asset management firm is that you benefit from having all your tax deductions and claims taken care of by the agency. The entity does this by having all the documentation and forms in place to enable you to proceed with your requests. The management fee in itself is tax deductible meaning it is not part of your taxable income.

Potential benefits of dealing with property managers

The first advantage is that of convenience. You can rest easy knowing that there’s someone handling issues such as paperwork, inspections, repairs, troublesome tenants and emergency situations on your behalf.

As a property owner, you get to enjoy more freedom primarily on how you spend your time. You don’t even have to reside near your investments. By allowing your custodian to manage your assets on your behalf, you get the opportunity to invest more time in other areas that are equally profitable. Apart from operating your other businesses, you are in turn able to dedicate more time to your friends and family.

Parting shot

There are many aspects to this profession. You should choose your management company wisely by taking into account other qualities namely trustworthiness, client interest, and professionalism. Working with an untrustworthy Property Management Services firm can be the beginning of your problems.

Reserve Management wants to change the game.  We want to exemplify what it means to be a true property management company in Birmingham, Bloomfield, Ferndale, Oak Park, Berkley, Southfield, Detroit, Hazel Park and Royal Oak.  How can we help you today? Call us for a free consultation and feel the Reserve Management Company difference.


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