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Property Management Services In Hazel Park

We're a boutique company in terms of the size of our management portfolio, which then allows for sharpened client service and superior property oversight, all of which leads to higher returns for our clients.

Property Management Services In Hazel Park

We believe in offering a more selective and exclusive management option.

If you are the landlord of a Hazel Park, Detroit residential property, you may feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do. For example, accurate financial records must be kept, all landlord/tenant laws must be complied with, inspections must be performed, and maintenance must be conducted whenever required. In addition, vacant properties must be filled with qualified tenants in an efficient manner. If you need help managing all of these things, Reserve Management Company should be your solution.

Reserve Mgmt is a property management company in Birmingham MI that services the entire Detroit area. We are  a full service property management company specializing in residential properties. We are your property management company in Hazel Park. Our services include marketing, tenant screening, leasing, rent collection, inspections, maintenance, evictions, and accounting.

…If you need help managing all of these things, Reserve Management Company should be your solution.

Better yet, you will be provided with a secure online account that keeps track of everything about your property, including financial records and inspection results. We are also available to answer any questions you may have 24/7, so you will never be surprised by anything pertaining to your rental property.

Hazel Park Property Management Marketing

You are losing money every day your property sits vacant. We therefore strive to fill vacant rental properties as quickly as possible by purchasing ad space on high traffic classified websites and putting up professional signage that appeals to passersby. We respond quickly to all inquiries about your space, so prospective tenants never give up and look elsewhere. When it comes time to show your property, we depict it in the best light imaginable–guaranteed.

We also help you prepare to rent your space by analyzing the price you should be charging. There are a lot of factors to consider, including condition, schools, proximity to public transportation, and market rates. We will also advise you on any improvements that will allow you to charge a higher rent.

Hazel Park Tenant Screening

Our rush to fill all properties should not be confused with a willingness to stick you with an unqualified tenant. Our comprehensive screening process includes analysis of factors such as credit, criminal history, employment verification, and rental history. We also comply with all laws pertaining to tenant screening, including the Fair Housing and Credit Reporting Act. Once we have found the right person, we schedule a lease signing and condition assessment with him or her.

Hazel Park Leasing

We will provide you with a qualified leasing agent who will ensure that all contracts are executed correctly. We can also supply a professional lease if needed. Your online financial records will immediately include any rents or deposits due at lease signing. We also take pictures of the property when the tenant moves in, making it easy to resolve any disputes when they move out.

Hazel Park Rent Collection

Nothing throws off your financial projections more than late or missing rent payments, so we strive to ensure that every tenant pays on time. Our collection methods are tough but fair. We also offer incentives for diligent rent payment and try to build a rapport with every tenant, as happy tenants are more likely to pay on time.

Hazel Park Inspections

We inspect your property whenever a tenant moves in or out and at regular intervals in between, taking plenty of pictures as we do so. Not only does this allow us to take care of maintenance issues before they become a major hassle, it also allows us to make sure tenants are not violating their lease by damaging the property.

Hazel Park Property Maintenance

Maintenance expenses are unavoidable, but we strive to keep the costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality. When maintenance is necessary, we take care of it quickly and efficiently using only qualified personnel.

Hazel Park Evictions

Should an eviction become necessary, we will handle the entire process as quickly as possible in full compliance with all relevant Detroit laws. Dragging it out costs you money not only in legal fees but because your property is essentially vacant during that time, so expediting the process is in your best interest. We also offer eviction protection insurance if you want to protect yourself from eviction costs entirely.

Hazel Park Accounting

We handle all of the accounting for your rental property, giving you access to tax documentation and itemized statements in one convenient location.

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We want to change the game.  We want to exemplify what it means to be a true property management company in the Hazel Park, MI Area.  We also service Royal Oak, Detroit, Southfield, Berkley, Oak Park, Ferndale, Bloomfield and Birmingham. How can we help you today? Call us for a free consultation and feel the Reserve Management Company difference.


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