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Tenant FAQ

If you are interested in renting from us, this tenant FAQ page will answer some questions you may have. We rent properties in Birmingham, MI, Ferndale, Oak Park, Hazel Park, Southfield, Royal Oak and Berkley, Michigan.

In order to rent from Reserve Management Company (a property management company in Birmingham, MI and all of Detroit), tenants must be 18 or older and follow the steps outlined in the rental application. Tenants are required to pay an application fee for any other adult occupants on the application. If tenancy is approved, you’ll be required to pay a deposit and sign a lease. Units will not be held without a deposit.

We accept rental payments via an online portal (EFT, credit or debit card). Payments are made electronically. Payments can also be mailed or dropped off at our office.  

Tenants can visit their online Resident portal to submit a maintenance request in addition to contacting the property manager or maintenance department at (248) 712-2006. Upon move-in, tenants are provided with emergency contractor contact information. If an emergency arises after hours, tenants can directly contact the applicable contractor.

An emergency includes a problem that causes safety hazards or something that requires an immediate fix . Some examples: a toilet that’s overflowing, a burst pipe or an electrical short. In the event of emergency, the tenant contacts the appropriate emergency vendor/utility company (the gas company for gas leaks or the electrical company for a power shortage).

RMC gives tenants 24 hours notice, unless you have explicitly agreed to a vendor entering your unit on an as-available basis. You are not required to be present, but you are required to provide access to your unit for the purpose of repairs. If we suspect there is an emergency, such as a broken pipe, we are not required to give you a notice to enter your unit.

If we do not receive your rent on the due date, we may serve you a legal notice to pay or request you to leave the property. If you fail to pay rent before the notice expires and refuse to leave, we will start eviction proceedings.

Tenants are not excused from paying rent in full, and by the due date, when they are out of town, or for any extenuating personal circumstances. This is specified in the lease agreements we provide our tenants. If there are any issues regarding your ability to pay rent, contact RMC.

Tenants must receive written permission from RMC, and any additional tenant(s) must be approved as a tenant by applying via the same approval process as the initial tenant(s). RMC reserves the right to increase rent due to the presence of another resident. If you have someone move in without written permission from RMC, you may be faced with eviction.

Any changes must be approved in writing by RMC. You may, however, hang artwork and paintings, but before you vacate the unit, you will need to repair the holes. Renovations are not allowed; this includes things like replacing your carpet or installing new appliances or flooring. You must also receive permission to install a satellite dish or antenna on the roof. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in additional fees. here

During business hours, contact the RMC office for a new set of keys. If it’s after hours, call a local locksmith.

All leases require tenants to sign for at least one year.

It’s up to the property owners to decide whether or not they allow pets. Rental ads will mention whether or not pets are allowed.

Properties managed by RMC are smoke-free. Tenants and their guests are not allowed to smoke on the premises.