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Easy Ways to Personalize Your Rental

Time to Spruce up Your Rental Property
Easy Ways to Personalize Your Rental| Reserve Management

Signing your first or fifth lease is an exciting time. Reserve Property Management Company wants you to feel at home. Personalizing your rental, while protecting your security deposit, is possible and easy to do.

Making Changes to the Property

Reserve Management Company supports you in your desire to personalize your home. Personalization does not include updates, renovations, or changes to the property.

NOTE: Any changes must be approved in writing by RMC. Renovations are not allowed; this includes things like replacing your carpet or installing new appliances or flooring.

You may, however, hang artwork and paintings, but before you vacate the unit, you will need to repair the holes.  Failure to follow these guidelines may result in additional fees.

See our list of available rental properties. We have availability in Ferndale, Oak Park, Hazel Park, Southfield, Royal Oak, Berkley, Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills.

Add Color

  • Grab Some Rugs
    Select a patterned rug in your favorite color to add warmth to your living room while disguising the carpet. Accent rugs can also be used to protect, or hide, carpet in high traffic areas such as hallways.
  • LED Strip Lights
    Kitchens and bathrooms can always use more light (and color!). Install stick-on LED light strands underneath upper cabinets or along the toe kick in the bathroom.
  • Add Lights
    Hiring an electrician to install recessed lights isn’t practical, but add more lamps is. Additional lighting can completely change the color and feel of a room. Use a combination of floor and desk lights, preferably dimmable, to create a cozy sanctuary.
  • Pillow, Pillow, and More Pillows
    Toss pillows on your couch and bed an easy way to add color to your home. Even better, you can take them with you into your forever home. For easy care, purchase pillow covers that can be removed and thrown in the washer.

Personalize with Texture

  • Upholstered Headboards
    Purchasing a headboard may feel like a huge investment, but it one you will be glad you made. An upholstered headboard adds respect, warmth, and even a hint of romance to a bedroom. Even a gray headboard will pop against a white wall.
  • Test-Out Your Green Thumb
    Adding plants to your rental provides color while adding an organic element. Experiment with succulents, cacti, and vines to create different colors and textures.
  • Skip the Frame
    Add varied dimensions to your walls by hanging some art without a frame. Use fairy light clips, gold push-pins, or colorful washi tape to save money and add new tactile features.

Reversible Upgrades

  •  Create a “New” Kitchen Floor
    Get crafty with temporary vinyl to create striking floor designs. Floor decals or peel and stick options create a custom personalized floor that can easily be removed when you move out. Create an elegant medallion pattern or mind-bending geometric designs.
  • Marble Countertops
    Easy Ways to Personalize Your Rental| Reserve Management
    Easy Ways to Personalize Your Rental

    While you are updating the kitchen floors, give the counters a facelift as well. Look for marble inspired decorative self-adhesive film to cover neutral or dated laminate counters. Use the same product in the bathroom for a cohesive look.

Similar removable products exist to refresh cabinets and even appliances. Patterned wallpaper on a refrigerator. Yes, please!

RMC wants your house or apartment to feel like home. Have fun adding your own personal touches.

August 7, 2020