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Ferndale Rental Preparation & Maintenance

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Owning rental properties in Ferndale can sometimes be demanding. Many rental property owners hire professionals to manage their rentals, yet despite assistance, you still have numerous responsibilities as a landlord.

We prefer to separate landlord issues into three specific categories: Prior to your tenants move in, the time that the tenant lives on your property, and after your tenant vacates the unit. These three levels of preparation and maintenance are crucial to keeping your tenants satisfied while simultaneously keeping your own sanity intact.

Prior to Your Tenants Move In

Preparation is of the utmost importance when it comes to finding and retaining good tenants. You should take the time to ensure that the unit is in immaculate condition.

Keep in mind that your number one goal should be to keep your rentals occupied at all times, if possible, since having a vacancy means that money is being lost. This means that you may need to make preparations in advance when current tenants make plans to move out. By handling preparations in this manner, you will have to-do list that you can begin working on immediately.

Common Issues to Resolve Prior to Tenants Moving In

First of all, you should thoroughly inspect the rental unit for signs of water damage or odor. Oftentimes, tenants are oblivious to water damage, and what may appear to be a minor spill could actually be a more serious problem. Serious water damage issues can breed mold and mildew problems.

You might also notice that general repairs might be necessary. Don’t forget to check the faucets and appliances for leaks and verify that all the electrical outlets are in good working order. You should inquire with the departing tenant about any necessary repairs.

You should also consider adding these tasks to your to-do list:

  • Before seeking new tenants, it’s always smart to have the carpets deep-cleaned.
  • Have the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inspected. They should be in good working-order.
  • Scrutinize the walls and ceiling, and fill any holes that may be present. If necessary, hire a professional to repaint.
  • Ensure that all locks, windows, doors and blinds are in optimal condition.

While the Tenant is Living on Your Property

While a tenant is living on your property, proper maintenance is essential. Ensuring that the unit is in basic habitable condition is important. This includes verifying that the building itself is in optimal shape structurally, as well as ensuring that all the utilities are intact.

At Reserve Property Management, we pride ourselves on providing reliable property management, keeping your stress to a minimum. Whether you’re the owner of a single home or a large multi-unit, we have the resources to maintain appealing properties, while simultaneously retaining maximum profit for you. Our number one goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction, as well as all the tenants.

After Your Tenants Vacate the Unit

Once tenants vacate the unit, the cycle will continue. The preparation process will then begin again. Luckily, it’s easy to simplify the process each time.

Your first step should be to request that your current tenant allow a walk-through prior to vacating the unit. During this step, you need to scrutinize the unit to determine if there are any issues that might warrant a security deposit deduction.

If you had certain experiences with a departing tenant, you may want to consider increasing the rental rate or inserting additional rental clauses. This minimizes the recurrence of problems experienced with your previous tenants.

Utilizing a Reliable Property Management Company

Reserve Property Management is prepared to serve you and your tenants. Our trusted and experienced team will treat your properties as if they were our own. We strive to assist you with receiving the highest value for your properties. We do this while maintaining a desirable relationship with tenants.

From the very first to the very last step in the rental process, including everyday landlord hassles, we are dedicated to simplifying the process for all involved parties. For more information on our Ferndale Property Management services, call 248-712-2006.

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