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Real Estate Brokerage

Our service area includes all of Ferndale, Berkley, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Southfield, Hazel Park, Oak Park and the Greater Metro-Detroit area.

Analysis & Determination of current Market Rent

By drawing on our thorough knowledge of the local rental and real estate markets, we can properly determine the potential income monthly for each property.

Move-in Preparation

When a tenant moves out, we thoroughly inspect every property/unit. We check everything from whether carpets require cleaning and paint needs retouching to general wear and tear. We also take note of all damages that may require attention, which will subsequently be covered by the vacating tenant’s security deposit.

Aggressive Marketing

Our marketing techniques include online ads on all major rental-related sites, full exposure on the MLS, yard signs, and coverage on RMC’s website.

Tenant Screening

Via our partnership with TransUnion SmartMove® , we thoroughly screen potential tenants for regarding their employment, credit history, criminal records and histories of evictions and/or liens.

Move-In Paperwork

We conduct a move-in inspection with every new tenant. This helps forge a good working relationship and in the case that any damage occurs to the unit, it also provides the property owner with a legal record of a property’s condition upon move-in.

…We thoroughly and carefully screen potential tenants for employment, credit, criminal , eviction, lien history and various other references.

Rent Collection

On the 1st of the month, all rent is due. If it’s received after the 5th of the month, it is considered to late and the tenant incurs a penalty. On the 6th, late notices are sent out, and if the tenant does not make arrangements to satisfy their delinquency, a legal process is initiated.

Move-Out Paperwork

When the property is vacated, a move-out inspection will be conducted by our property manager to determine whether the tenant is responsible for any damages. Arrangements are made to get any necessary repairs done and the disposition of the security deposit is completed. If the disposition is disputed by the former tenant, RMC handles this issue as well in accordance with the Landlord/Tenant Act.

Landlord Headaches

RMC handles all emergencies so that property owners/HOAs don’t have to. Even if the heat goes out on New Year’s Eve or a pipe bursts on July 4th, we’ve got it covered. Reserve Property Management complies with all aspects of the Michigan State Landlord/Tenant Act and the Fair Housing laws.

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