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Owner Services

We're a boutique company in terms of the size of our management portfolio, which then allows for sharpened client service and superior property oversight, all of which leads to higher returns for our clients.

We believe in offering a more selective and exclusive management option.

Why should I hire RMC?

At RMC, our commitment to comprehensive customer service includes a range of benefits and services that you won’t find at other property management companies:

Accounting Services

Every transaction that affects our clients’ account balance is recorded in detail on a monthly statement. In addition, a comprehensive year-end account summary will be provided. We also maintain copies of all receipts and work orders should our clients need them for tax preparations.

Property inspections

At the beginning and end of all lease terms, a property “Condition Report” is used to record “move-in, move-out” data. We compare this report for discrepancies at the end of each lease term so that any damage or missing items may be deducted from the former tenant’s security deposit. We also take note of preventative maintenance items that may be of interest to our property owners.

…The key to protecting the investments of our owners is timely and competent maintenance.

Maintenance And Repair Services

Timely and competent maintenance is the key to protecting our owners’ investments. While our maintenance staff can resolve many smaller issues, some will be handled by outside contractors or third-party vendors selected for their fair prices and quality services.

Our Fees

We’re happy to discuss our competitive fee structure with prospective clients. Contact us today!

We want to exemplify what it means to be a client-focused property management company in the Metro Detroit Area.  How can we help you? Call us for a free consultation and experience the Reserve Management Company difference.


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